An interior look of the True Mobile Health office.

Our Products

True Mobile Health has challenged traditional telehealth as a leader in delivering meaningful patient engagement since 2018 by putting client care at the forefront. The company offers a solution-driven, HIPAA compliant telehealth platform that was ahead of its time back then and remains at the forefront of remote collaborative healthcare today. 

True Mobile Health’s high-touchpoint platform empowers medical, wellness and criminal justice staff to stay connected with clients beyond the physical confinements of scheduled in-office appointments.


Preserving the continuation of quality care

Amid growing concerns around the spread of COVID-19, True Mobile Health’s telehealth solution allows behavioral health clinicians and treatment facilities to minimize the risk of exposure for staff and patients, and provide even more comprehensive care they would receive in person.

Our remote care solution allows for HIPPA-compliant, technology-powered interactions that close potential gaps in patient care—those beyond the confinement of a health and wellness facility.

Using secure health record integration, we provide each member of a patient care team access to the most up-to-date patient information.


Putting patient-engagement first

Our software and hardware platform integrations help providers offer clients superior at-home care.

The easy-to-use platform puts customized treatment plans in the palms of patients’ hands—literally. They can generate personal health data to stay on top of their wellness goals, every step of the way.

An overview of our Connected Care platform.

Connected Care Platform

Simplifying case management

Using the Connected Care Platform, providers can develop customized treatment plans and offer on-demand support. This invaluable resource for meaningful patient engagement boasts messaging, audio and video calling features, including:

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