A staff member talks to a woman who needs assistance.

How it Works

True Mobile Health places people first and technology second.

Meaningful patient engagement and integrated care is foundational to wellness providers and their clients everywhere, whether that care is delivered virtually or in person.

But in a day and age where telehealth has never been more relevant—against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic—it’s vital that telehealth care is as engaging and sustainable as in-person care.

We encourage unparalleled high-touch care through an integration of future-forward software and hardware solutions that empower users to build meaningful relationships with clients—and clients to take control of their well-being.

Our simple-to-use, multi-faceted platform puts people at the center of every program by placing treatment plans in the palm of every client—literally. This helps them stay accountable for reaching their wellness goals at every stage of treatment.

The results speak for themselves.


of members feel more engaged to their support team.


of members have used the mobile application in the last 30 days.


of members feel they have greater access to care when then need it.

Ready to put your people first?