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Our Products

Connected Care Platform

Available via a web app for users and staff, and as an online portal, our white-labeled Connected Care platform enables care providers to develop customized treatment plans and on-demand support with messaging, audio, & video features.

Increased access to patient care has led to 92 percent of members reporting a stronger sense of connectedness to their support team.

How our platform works. Users and staff communicate while our portal collects data.

Turnkey Patient Engagement

Who We Serve

Behavioral Health

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Frequent engagement can help identify relapse in at-risk clients and get them the care they need sooner. Using our Connected Care platform, the need for high-cost reactive care can be prevented.

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Criminal Justice

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We’ve had great success in supporting substance abuse diversion programs. Serving as a diversion platform, our technology can provide support to offenders and help them reach their goals. Clients also have access to our at-home drug tests that provide reliable and verifiable results.

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What our clients say:

“FCC was looking for ways to improve the support we offer our client’s when we found True Mobile Health (TMH). [ . . . ] I’m not sure who found who to be honest, but the partnership between FCC and TMH has been amazing and working with the TMH team has provided a platform that our staff and clients can use to better interact virtually and get the support that is needed. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit I can remember looking at our CEO and saying we are in good shape. Virtual services have become a means of survival during COVID-19 and we were prepared to continue serving and fully supporting our clients based on our work with TMH.”

Noble Shaver Jr.
Clinical Officer for Adult Substance Use Disorder Services
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